Contact lenses are an ideal alternative to glasses, for sport or social activities or even as a full time solution for those who hate wearing their glasses.

They are being developed all the time, in new materials and new designs, which means that more and more people are candidates for lenses. If you’ve been told that you are not suitable for contact lenses in the past, this may not be the case now.

We have a special interest in contact lenses, and especially like to find a fit for those who have previously been told they can’t wear lenses. (We like a challenge.)

We use all of the mainstream brands of lenses and some specialist manufacturers. Add this to our corneal mapping technology, and we believe we can fit you with contact lenses whatever your prescription.

Specialist lenses are also available for those who have had corneal transplant surgery or keratoconus.

Orthokeratology, or overnight vision correction is a safe,reversible alternative to laser surgery, using specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the curvature of the eye to improve vision.

This revolutionary non-surgical procedure eliminates the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses. It improves vision by gently reshaping your eye WHILE YOU SLEEP. You just put the specially fitted lenses in at bedtime, and when you awake, you will have clear, sharp, natural vision for your waking hours.


If you would like to wear contact lenses, then call us today, or book an appointment online.