Do your eyes feel dry, gritty or sore? Are you sensitive to light? Do your eyes feel uncomfortable in the wind, or in air-conditioned places? Has discomfort stopped you from reading, driving at night, watching TV or using a computer?

These can all be symptoms of Dry Eye.

Dry eye affects approximately half of the adult population, causing a range of symptoms from mild foreign body sensation (“There’s something in my eye”), to severe debilitating discomfort and visual disturbances.

Dry eye is caused by many different factors, including:

  • The natural ageing process (especially in women, due to hormonal changes).
  • Systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and others.
  • Long term contact lens wear.
  • Medications.
  • Air conditioned offices and PC use.

Dry eye is a problem that affects approximately half of the adult population

What can I do about it?

Stephen our optometrist will use a number of tests to ascertain what may be causing your symptoms, and will design a management plan. Possible treatments include the use of eye drops, heat therapy, lipid replacement, punctal occlusion and others, to relieve your symptoms.

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