Orthokeratology, or overnight vision correction is a safe, reversible solution to myopia, with no spectacle or contact lens wear during the day.

This means no more uncomfortable contact lenses. No more restrictions on how long you can wear lenses, and no more discomfort in air-conditioning or smoky rooms.

Above all, this means perfect vision all day, every day, with no glasses, no contact lenses and no surgery.


A specially designed contact lens is worn at night while you sleep.

This is custom made for your eye, and gently moulds the cornea (the front of the eye), so that light coming into the eye is focussed on the retina (the inside surface of the eye) to allow perfect vision.

When you wake up, you will remove the lenses and have clear, natural vision throughout the day.


With ortho-k we can correct short-sightedness (Myopia) from -0.75D up to -5.00D

We can correct astigmatism up to -2.50D

Ortho-k is suitable for any age group. It can be adapted to allow for reading vision as we get older, and it has been shown to slow the progression of myopia in children.


Myopia (Short-sightedness) is becoming an epidemic, and the problems associated with progressive myopia including glaucoma, retinal detachment and reduced vision are becoming more apparent in adults whose myopia changed rapidly in their childhood and teenage years.

Orthokeratology has been shown in many studies to slow significantly the progression of myopia in children, and therefore help to reduce the risks of theses associated problems in adulthood.

We cannot guarantee that ortho-k will reduce myopic progression, but it has never been shown to increase the rate of progression.

Ortho-k is a great way for children to wear contact lenses, as all of the wearing and care of the lenses is done at home, under adult supervision, and your child is free to pursue any activities they desire, completely free of glasses.


Orthokeratology is 100% reversible and studies have shown that there are no after effects following stopping lens wear.

Following a couple of days you will again be able to see clearly with glasses.

This is why ortho-k can be seen as a great alternative to laser surgery, without the associated risks.


If your prescription falls within the range of -0.75 to -5.00 with astigmatism less than -2.50 then call us for a consultation.

We will use a special corneal mapping scan to measure all of the curves on the front of the eye.

Using these measurements and an up to date prescription, measured at the same time, we can order your custom made ortho-k lens.

On arrival of the lenses, we will teach you how to use them safely and allow you to take them home.

We will review your vision after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.