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We love assisting you with any questions you may have.  If the answer you are looking for is not below then please go ahead and contact us we are more than happy to help.

We want to change the way you feel about your glasses!

You can get exceptional glasses from as little as €35 per month!


We specialise in niche eyewear, working with the crème de la crème of frame and lens manufacturers.  Our prices not only reflect the quality of the product, but also our professional expertise and high levels of customer service.


How much you spend on your eyewear is a balance between the quality of the frames, the optical quality of the lenses and how well you want to see.  The good news is that there are always options available to you.  Every day we help clients who have been disappointed by the big high street chains or other opticians but who now happily pay more for their glasses from Stephen Olwell Opticians because they are getting more for their money and better value.


Spending that little bit extra can make all the difference between a disappointing experience or having glasses that make you look good and feel great, and that you’ll actually enjoy wearing.


Our frames start at €225, with most of our popular ranges in the €300 to €475 price point, and more luxurious and exclusive collections such as gold and palladium plated frames at the higher-end of the spectrum.


We only work with the best of lens manufacturers and the price that you pay for lenses is dependent on weighing up the benefits of ever changing lens technology versus how much you want to spend on frames.


If you wear single vision lenses, (for distance or reading), our premium lenses range from €190 to €475, but our basic lenses start from €110.


Our progressive lenses, which provide natural vision from distance to reading for people who require both corrections, range from €330 to €640.


All lens prices include fully-coated lenses for optimum optical clarity and protection against daily “wear & tear”.  All Zeiss branded lenses (whether clear, polarised or photochromic) benefit from full UV protection with Zeiss UV Protect technology.


These prices may be more than you have paid for glasses elsewhere.  But our clients are happily paying more for their glasses because they actually have glasses that they enjoy wearing, often for the first time ever! 


Our clients deserve glasses that make them look good, feel great and that they can actually see out of!  And for a product that could last 2,3, or even 4 years the amount people spend on glasses at Stephen Olwell Opticians represents good value for money.


To help our clients get the eyewear that they want, without compromise or delay, we can offer flexible payment options over 3, 6 or 12-months, with no extra cost and no hassle.


An example of this is a pair of frames costing €300 with a progressive lens of €330 value. The total would be €630. With a deposit of ⅓ (€210) and 12 monthly payments of €35, anyone can have glasses that they love without breaking the bank.

The simple answer to this is a simple “no”. We have nothing against designer labels, but we choose not to work with companies who supply mass produced glasses and so avoid the quality issues that often come with mass production.


Unlike the vast majority of opticians, either the High Street chains or other independent opticians, we personally source and hand-pick our frames.  Every year we travel to exciting cities such as London, Munich, or Milan,  to source the world’s finest eyewear.  We work with small, independent artisanal designers and manufacturers who design eyewear with the individual in mind.  They cater for the person who wants something different, something truly unique, stylish, elegant but above all something original.


If you’re looking for glasses that are different, individual and of a higher quality than what you see in the chains and High Street opticians then you’ll love the collection we have in stock.  Many of the collections we work with are only available in a handful of opticians in Ireland and the UK. So, you really get to see frames that are different from what’s on offer in most places.


But if the designer brand label on the side of your glasses is really important to you that’s fine.  We’ll be as helpful as possible and will be happy to direct you to the nearest optician who stocks this type of eyewear.

As a PRSI payee or medical card holder, you are entitled to a free eye examination every 2 years and discounts towards spectacles if required.


Free spectacles are also available to PRSI payees and medical card holders, but these are limited to a very small selection as we believe that our clients deserve the best of eyewear, and unfortunately at present it is not financially viable to stock a variety of frames of this lower quality.

When you walk into almost any optician practice you are overwhelmed by an array of frames all presented together on frame bars on the walls. This can be mind boggling and very confusing. We’ve come to know that most people hate choosing glasses for this reason.


We take a different approach, that we have discovered works best for most of our clients.  We know that 80% of the frames in our stock won’t be right for you.  But your next pair of glasses is just waiting to be found!  We have hundreds of frames in stock but choose to display just a small sample of our collections, to give you a taste of the eyewear we have available.


We prefer to get to know our clients first, to fully understand who you are and what you’re looking for from your eyewear.  Our experts can then use that information to guide you through the process of choosing new glasses, hand-picking a selection of frames that we feel will be perfectly suited to you!  This helps to remove the frustrations and hassles experienced by so many glasses wearers faced with the “self-selection” process provided by most other opticians.


We welcome browsers, and our team are happy to show you our collections, but so that you can maximise your time with us and benefit from a truly personal service we would recommend that you book an initial, no obligation FREE Eyewear Styling Consultation.

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